Moore’s Law ist eine lahme Ente

Viele sind genervt vom ständigen Gerede über künstliche Intelligenz und maschinelles Lernen. Ein Hype sei das, übertrieben oder gar irrelevant. Zwei aktuelle Beispiele zeigen, wie falsch diese Annahme ist. Artikel lesen

Quantum machine learning

An international team of scientists presents a thorough review on quantum machine learning, its current status and future prospects. The reports contrasts machine learning using classical and quantum resources, identifying opportunities that quantum computing brings to this field. Artikel lesen

Self-driving cars are here will offer a self-driving car service for public use in Frisco, Texas starting in July, 2018. Self-driving cars are no longer a futuristic AI technology. They’re here, and will soon make transportation cheaper and more convenient. Artikel lesen

Why Kenya hopes blockchain can end land grabbing

Kenya sees itself as a technology giant in Africa and has embraced the nickname “Silicon Savannah” – now it has set up a special team to look into how to take advantage of the latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and blockchain. Artikel lesen

11 Industries Being Disrupted By AI

In the world of technology, the mantra “innovate or die” is truer for organizations than ever, and artificial intelligence (AI) is redefining industries by providing greater personalization to users, automating processes, and disrupting how we work. Artikel lesen

27 Incredible Examples Of AI And Machine Learning In Practice

There are so many amazing ways artificial intelligence and machine learning are used behind the scenes to impact our everyday lives and inform business decisions and optimize operations for some of the world’s leading companies. Here are 27 amazing practical examples of AI and machine learning. Artikel lesen


KONE will be featured at the IBM booth with stunning examples for moving people in the digital era. Together with a client we will be demonstrating how manufacturing becomes smarter with AI enabled quality assurance processes. Artikel lesen

Artificial Intelligence

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What Will AI Bring in 2018? Experts Sound Off

Artificial intelligence had a breakout year in 2017. But considering the technological and business momentum, AI is poised to have an even bigger year. Here’s a peek at what AI could bring us in 2018 year according to industry and tech experts. Forrester says the honeymoon for AI is over. Artikel lesen

This AI thinks like a dog

All dog owners can testify to the powerful intelligence of their four-legged friends. Indeed, many dogs provide important services, such as guiding people who are visually impaired, finding lost individuals, or sniffing out drugs and other contraband. Artikel lesen