Is Deep Learning The Big Bang Moment For AI?

It could be argued that Geoffrey Hinton’s recent success with neural networks is the Big Bang moment for artificial intelligence. Deep learning has enabled today’s AI systems to beat Go world champions and translate data into innovation for industries like finance and energy. Artikel lesen

Challenge yourself to Think

Experts in cloud, AI and imagination. Business leaders who get it. Technologists who invented it. Thinkers like you who make it happen. Hear from industry luminaries, connect directly with technical experts and IBM senior leaders. Hear first hand how clients are disrupting markets. Artikel lesen

Deep Learning Achievements Over the Past Year

At Statsbot, we’re constantly reviewing the deep learning achievements to improve our models and product. Around Christmas time, our team decided to take stock of the recent achievements in deep learning over the past year (and a bit longer). Artikel lesen

Artificial Intelligence Trends To Watch In 2018

China is racing ahead in AI. Deep learning is getting a make over. AI is coming to Cannabis tech. Artificial intelligence is changing the fundamental structure of every industry in areas ranging from agriculture to cybersecurity to commerce to healthcare, and more. Artikel lesen