How China became an AI leader

Rarely does a new technology transform consumption, production and society. But with artificial intelligence (AI), that technology has arrived. Yet new research conducted by Accenture has found that many large businesses do not fully appreciate the value of AI. Artikel lesen

This Is Why All Companies Need An AI Strategy Today

The following is a guest post by Rita C. Waite, a Growth Strategy & Investments Manager at Juniper Networks. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is fundamentally changing how businesses operate across all sectors, including manufacturing, healthcare, IT, and transportation. Artikel lesen

Layoffs at Watson Health Reveal IBM’s Problem with AI

IBM, a venerable tech company on a mission to stay relevant, has staked much of its future on IBM Watson. The company has touted Watson, its flagship artificial intelligence, as the premier product for turning our data-rich but disorganized world into a smart and tidy planet. Artikel lesen

The AI Skills Crisis And How To Close The Gap

Bernard Marr , Contributor Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Now that nearly every company is considering how artificial intelligence (AI) applications can positively impact their businesses, they are on the hunt for professionals to help them make their vision a reality. Artikel lesen

10 Companies Using Machine Learning in Cool Ways

If science-fiction movies have taught us anything, it’s that the future is a bleak and terrifying dystopia ruled by murderous sentient robots. Fortunately, only one of these things is true – but that could soon change, as the doomsayers are so fond of telling us. Artikel lesen

AI startups as innovation drivers

Artificial intelligence (AI) is considered to become one of the main drivers of economic competitiveness in the upcoming decades. However, unlike in other cases, in AI it’s not the big international companies that are pushing the development. Artikel lesen