Technology predictions for 2018

Big Data, artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) are currently three of the biggest business trends. Today, if someone is not using these in their operations, they are likely losing the competitive edge. Artikel lesen

‘Blockchain, others will disrupt insurance business’

Blockchain in combination with Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT) will disrupt insurance business, if insurers are not prepared for the internet revolution that is happening around the world, Managing Director, Mutual Benefits Assurance Plc, Olusegun Omosehin, has said. Artikel lesen

Just how big is Big Data?

Big Data started with algorithms helpfully scouring vast amounts of data to find patterns. These days it feels a bit like Big Brother. Using machine learning and AI to tweak algorithms, companies are now able to deliver profound insights from datasets once considered impossible to compile. Artikel lesen

How Artificial Intelligence is Making Big Data Better Than Ever

The concept of Big Data is a relatively new one. It denotes the availability of vast volumes and sources of data, which were not available before. By itself, Big Data is powerful, and when combined with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, the opportunities presented by this combination are just endless. As big data moves to the maturity phase, firms are now looking for ways to combine the scale of AI and the agility of Big Data processes to bring about an acceleration on the delivery of the much-needed business value. Artikel lesen

The rise of the visual Internet of Things

The IoT, big data, cloud technologies and analytics are generally talked about as being the drivers of our technological future. They’re mentioned in the same breath as smart cities, driverless cars and improved healthcare. Artikel lesen

Digitale Ethik

Mit Big Data und Künstlicher Intelligenz wachsen bei vielen Menschen die Sorgen vor den Schattenseiten des technologischen Fortschritts. Artikel lesen