7 Books to Grasp Mathematical Foundations of Data Science

Most people learn Data Science with an emphasis on Programming. However, to be truly proficient with Data Science, you cannot ignore the mathematical foundations behind Data Science. In this post, I present seven books that I enjoyed in learning the mathematical foundations of Data Science. Artikel lesen

Venture Scanner Sector Maps (Part 1 of 2)

Our sector maps are snapshots of emerging technology sectors. They show what the different categories in a sector are and how many startups are within each category. They also present a small sampling of the current startups that are innovating in each category. Artikel lesen

Artificial Intelligence

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What Will AI Bring in 2018? Experts Sound Off

Artificial intelligence had a breakout year in 2017. But considering the technological and business momentum, AI is poised to have an even bigger year. Here’s a peek at what AI could bring us in 2018 year according to industry and tech experts. Forrester says the honeymoon for AI is over. Artikel lesen

Die besten Berater Deutschlands

Zum fünften Mal in Folge haben wir gefragt: Wer sind die besten Berater am Markt? 293 große und kleine Beratungsfirmen haben es auf unsere Liste geschafft – eine bunte Mischung aus kleinen Expertenhäusern und großen Allroundern, unter ihnen auch zahlreiche Newcomer. Artikel lesen

Seven Technologies Remaking the World

Albert H. Segars, is the PNC Bank Distinguished Professor at the University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler Business School in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and director of UNC’s Center for Sustainable Enterprise. He has held posts in research and development at the U.S. Artikel lesen

“Nehmt euer ganzes Ich mit zur Arbeit”

Die Facebook-Managerin Sheryl Sandberg hat neben der Krise um den Missbrauch von Nutzerdaten auch noch eine persönliche Krise zu bewältigen. Sie ist davon überzeugt, dass Gefühle am Arbeitsplatz bei beidem helfen können. Artikel lesen

This AI thinks like a dog

All dog owners can testify to the powerful intelligence of their four-legged friends. Indeed, many dogs provide important services, such as guiding people who are visually impaired, finding lost individuals, or sniffing out drugs and other contraband. Artikel lesen

Is Voice the Next UI?

As the titans dominate the smart speaker landscape, Theodora (Theo) Lau — Innovator Technologist and Connector at Unconventional Ventures — discusses what the future might look like for fintech, financial institutions and brands. Artikel lesen