Cyberangriffe auf Unternehmen

Spionage, Patentdiebstahl, Sabotage: Unternehmen geraten durch Cyberangriffe immer stärker in Bedrängnis. Viele wissen um die Gefahr – und doch tut kaum einer etwas dagegen. Artikel lesen

Hot IoT tech trends for 2018

Instrumentation is coming – 2018 promises the IoT-ification of a lot of existing technology, plus edge computing, improved analytics and even some security improvements, if we’re reading these tea-leaves correctly. Artikel lesen

Reality check on AI

It’s too early to worry about a sentient AI apocalypse. The reality is that we know very little about how the human brain works — which means we know even less about how to build a computer that works just like the human brain. Artikel lesen

The Best Of Jobs by 2020

According to  the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs report, the MONEY’s research findings and this well done summary of the future of work in the near next years, we have mapped this infographic on the best jobs of the near future. Artikel lesen

What is edge computing?

Another shift in the technology landscape appears to be underway which has the potential to dramatically alter the way data is created and processed. Edge computing is, in essence, tied to the evolution of the internet of things (IoT). Artikel lesen