15. August 2018

Artificial Intelligence Use Cases

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly getting attention from enterprise decision makers. Given that, it’s no surprise that AI use cases are growing. According research conducted by Gartner, smart machines will achieve mainstream adoption by 2021, with 30 percent of large companies using AI. Artikel lesen

14. August 2018

Digital Female Leader Award

Die Initiative D21 ist Deutschlands größtes gemeinnütziges Netzwerk für die Digitale Gesellschaft, bestehend aus Wirtschaft, Politik, Wissenschaft und Zivilgesellschaft. Artikel lesen

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13. August 2018

Insurance on the Blockchain

Insurance is a multi-trillion dollar industry, but the workflow in brokering trust, insuring parties, and reinsuring risk items today remains an expensive, slow, and fraud-prone process. Artikel lesen

12. August 2018

11. August 2018

10. August 2018

9. August 2018

Top 10 German VCs Funding German Startups

Germans are becoming very serious about elevating their startup and venture scene. While startups based in Germany are expanding both at home and abroad, German venture firms are also on the rise in support of their fellow entrepreneurs. Artikel lesen

8. August 2018

How to manage software updates in the IoT

The first feature is the device and software repository. Rollouts is focused and specialized on software updates in the IoT, which means it is not a full-blown asset management or device management solution. It only retains the information of the device that is related to software updates. Artikel lesen

7. August 2018

Change the game: winning with AI

Business leaders today are looking for a game changer. The winning play that will unlock the value of their data and harness the power of AI. Join Rob Thomas, the General Manager of IBM Analytics and ESPN host Hannah Storm on September 13 at 6:30 PM live from New York City. Artikel lesen

6. August 2018

4. August 2018

3. August 2018

Could Europe Become a Fintech Hub?

A number of technologies and new regulations are poised to disrupt the incumbent financial system. So much so that the emerging field of financial technologies has earned itself the „fintech'“ portmanteau. Artikel lesen

Will self-driving cars kill parking?

Some people have postulated that autonomous ridesharing cars will never need to park and cities of the future will not need street parking, parking lots or parking garages. But parking is far from dead. In fact, the $100 billion market may be poised to grow. Artikel lesen

2. August 2018

Kita schwärzt Kindergesichter in Fotoalben

Eine Kita in Nordrhein-Westfalen hat Kindern als Erinnerung an ihre Zeit im Kindergarten Fotoalben geschenkt, in denen die Gesichter ihrer Freunde geschwärzt sind – damit der Datenschutz gewahrt bleibt. Eltern sind irritiert. Artikel lesen